Wednesday, May 9, 2018

6th Grade and 2nd Grade May Crowning Mass

As always, these kiddos did amazing at Mass today!!!  They have lots of jobs, and know where to be and when to be there!!!  So proud of how much they have all grown this school year!!!!  My 💖💛 is full!!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Lap-a-Thon and Science Fair

Just a quick reminder for the next couple of days:

Lap-a-Thon is tomorrow, rain or shine!  We will use the gym if necessary!  Students might want to bring extra shoes in case theirs get wet!!!  Please return pledge envelopes tomorrow if you haven't already!!!

Science Fair and Exhibition on Friday!!  1:15-2:45 in the gym.  Come see what the kids have been working on lately!!!

Friday, April 27, 2018

Friday, April 27, 2018

Good Afternoon!!!! 

Wednesday was such a great day spent with our middle schoolers!!! Conception Abbey has such a beautiful campus, and the basilica is absolutely gorgeous!!!  It was great for our students to see the brothers and priests at the monastery, and to see what life is like for them....fantastic field trip!!

6th Grade Parents:

We are going to be testing over Ratios and Rates the week of May 7.....this coming week, I am offering to stay after school until 4:00 on Monday, Thursday, and Friday to have a study group with any student who wants to stay and review for the test!  If your child wants to participate, please print the form below and send it with your child so that I know who is staying after school with me.....thanks!!  (If you have trouble opening the doc, please let me know!!!)

After School Study Group

Monday, April 23, 2018

Ga-Ga Ball Pit

I think it's safe to say that the students ❤ the Ga-Ga Ball Pit!!!  Thanks so much to Ms. Lesan for writing the grant to be able to build it, and the 8th graders for donating their time this weekend to put it together!!  What fun!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Thursday, April 19, 2018


Here are some reminders for the next couple of weeks at school:

  • Friday, April 20 is a very busy day!!! 
    • Spring Clean-Up Day - middle school students need to bring rakes, work gloves, clothes appropriate for yard work, and possibly an extra pair of socks and/or shoes for afterwards.
    • Students may bring a sack lunch on Friday!!!  The other option is cook's choice.
    • It is a Spirit Day, so students may wear hats for the $1.
    • Students are asked to bring $1 for the purchase of flower pots for our front steps (if spring ever arrives 😕😏)
    • The public school does not have school on this day, but St. Malachy DOES!!  There is no bus service on Friday!!  
    • Ties and Tutus, our father/daughter dance is Friday evening.  Several students have volunteered to stay after school to help with set up.  If they stay to help, pizza will be provided for their supper!  Students have also volunteered to stay and help out during the dance.  Please ask your student if they are helping with this!!  Students need to be picked up by 8:15 that evening.  
    • Sixth graders are asked to bring beverages for the Ties and Tutus concession stand.  This could be pop, water, cans/bottles of juice, cans of lemonade, etc.  These should be individual servings as we will not have cups on hand.
  • Wednesday, April 25:  All middle school students are going to Conception Abbey by Maryville, MO.  We will leave school at 8:30 and be back for bus service.  Students are asked to pay $5 for the bus fee.  STUDENTS DO NOT NEED TO BRING A SACK LUNCH!!!  FR. IS BUYING OUR LUNCH FOR US AT THE ABBEY!!!  This will be a fun and informative trip!!  Fr. Halbur and Mrs. Simmons are joining us on this trip!
  • Friday, April 27:  NO SCHOOL at St. Malachy (public school will be in session).  Teachers will be in Des Moines for diocesan professional development.
  • Wednesday, May 9:  6th grade and 2nd grade will host Mass together.  This is the mass that celebrates the Crowning of Mary, and the students who made their First Communion.  I anticipate that all 6th graders will participate in this mass, so please plan on attending!!  This will be the last mass 6th graders participate in this school year.
  • The last day of school has been moved to Friday, June 1 with a two-hour dismissal.  WHAT????  How can this year be so close to ending???  Yikes!!!

Our sixth grade students did an awesome job at mass today with Kindergartners!!!  They have to concentrate on Mass, on timing of their parts, and on being great role models for their Kindergarten friends!!!  SO SO SO proud of all my 6th graders!!! ❤

Awesome group of kiddos!!!

And of course, the obligatory "goofy picture"!!

Friday, April 6, 2018

Friday, April 6

This has to be the craziest April ever!!!  Snow????  On April 6???  Where is our spring???

Image result for construction zoneThere are a lot of things going on right now at St. Malachy!!  We are so excited to see and hear the new construction going on right outside our doors!!  In reality, the noise isn't too bad!!  We were expecting much worse!  But we do love watching the progress!  We are so thankful for everything that St. Malachy is able to give us!

Image result for school pick up line
The new car line is going very smoothly!  Personally, I think we get cars/kids through much quicker than before!  Thank you to everyone for your patience and cooperation!

Image result for iowa assessmentsNext week, students are taking the Iowa Assessment tests on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  Please make sure they get plenty of rest the night before, a good breakfast in the mornings, and encouragement to do their very best!  

Image result for last day of school

The last day of school for students has been moved to Friday, June 1. 

6th Grade and Kindergarten will host mass together on Wednesday, April 18.  Please join us!

Image result for conception abbeyMiddle school students will be taking a field trip the Conception Abbey near Maryville, MO on Wednesday, April 25.  More information will be coming home soon regarding this trip. 

Monday, March 12, 2018

Monday, March 12, 2018

Good Monday Morning!!!

I have a few reminders for parents this week:

  1. If you haven't signed up for Parent/Teacher Conferences this week, please do so.  I am visiting with parents after school all week, so pick a time slot!!
  2. Due to the impending construction, the after-school car line is changing today!!  There have been multiple reminders sent home, and this goes into effect after school today!  If you are picking your child up, you need to line up on Oak Street, entering from Fremont Street.  Thank you for your patience as we work through the nuances of this!
  3. Spring Break starts on Friday!!!  There will be no lunch on Thursday, with a 3 hour early dismissal.  Enjoy spring break, travel safely if you are on the road, and get recharged for the remainder of the school year!!!
  4. When we return from spring break, we will celebrate our third annual Cross Walk.  Our plan is to do this on Holy Thursday, but we will be watching the weather.  If we have to move the date to earlier in the week, we will let you know!  Students need to wear white shirts on that day, as we plan to  make our all-school photo an annual event as well.
Happy Spring!!!

6th Grade and 2nd Grade May Crowning Mass

As always, these kiddos did amazing at Mass today!!!  They have lots of jobs, and know where to be and when to be there!!!  So proud of how ...